Teen School Kids Suspended from Rugby Team for Using Steroids

The use of steroids has created quite a buzz among the people in the UK of late. While in one hand the government is trying hard to have control over the sale and use of these elements. On the other hand, users are becoming more reliable on these substances to achieve the physical power and strength they require in order to survive in their respective professional field. According to a part of people, using these substances is not detrimental or the Government should not impose any ban on these substances since they don’t have the right to interfere on anybody’s physical achievement aspects. Another portion of people says that people are making the wrong use of these substances.

In such a turmoil situation, frequent news of people being found positive with steroids is causing trouble to the government. According to a recent news posted on The Times, three schoolboy rugby players were suspended from the game for using performance enhancing drugs for improved performance level. All the three players are from the same school. And they used testosterone for improving their body strength and performance. The youngest of those boys is only 16. This proves how these elements have influenced the young generation for using steroids. A question that arises in this context is whether it was the players or was there anybody else to assist them regarding the process. Well, further investigation will reveal more on this topic.

Three schoolboy ruby players were suspended from the game for using performance enhancing drugs for improved performance level. The youngest of those boys is only 16.

But this is not the scenario in the UK. The picture is almost same in many other countries as well. In the last month, four major baseball players in the USA were suspended for using steroids. They all have been suspended for 80 games. The names are David Rollins, Arodys Vizcaino, Ervin Santana and Jenrry Mejia. All of them have been found to use Stanozolol. This is a very popular drug among the sportspeople. He famous Canadian sprinter Ben Johnson was also found to use Stanozolol in the 1988 Olympics and former big-league start Rafael Palmeiro was also found using the same steroid in 2005. A question often comes in the picture that is why using such easily detectable drugs for performance enhancement? While the answer may be difficult but the simple assumption is the capability of those drugs.

Steroids are long being used in the professional sports field

Such incidents raise question whether the use of these substances was the only desire of the performers or the trainers are also involved with this? Solving this puzzle is yet another difficult one. But one thing can be said that this is not impossible. There are all the chances that players are forced to use those substances. In fact, a number of situations have proved these facts many times. In such a situation players hardly have anything to do. They are many times used as the guinea pig. Players are using these substances knowingly or unknowingly. And if this situation is to be changed, the entire system has to be changed which is extremely difficult.

With all these concerns, a question normally comes in mind that is whether using steroids good or bad for the health. Previously as well, many educated people have confessed that there is no harm in using steroids but one need to rectify the purpose of using steroids. If it is being used for the advantage of personal physical growth, using steroids is not a wrong concept. But if anybody is using these substances for achieving unwanted advantages, they should be punished as per the legal system.

But a problem has aroused in this situation that is the introduction of online steroid stores. UK is probably one of the top countries where the number of steroid stores has substantially increased. Users are now open to buy their preferred elements from online anytime, anywhere. And the best part is you don’t get identified for your transaction at any cost. All the data and the information of your purchase are kept safe in the website which can only be accessed by the authorized people. So, the key thing is users don’t need to go through any hassle to get their required elements. This has caused a large problem for the government and more so because tracing those online stores is not always easy.

So, what should be done then to overcome this situation? The only way to get out of this situation is to educate people regarding the use, advantages and disadvantages of these elements. The simple thing is you cannot generalize the use or the consequences of these substances. There are many steroids which are good for the human body and there are many which are extremely harsh on the body. The factor of user’s age and physical condition is also associated with this process. The consequence of using steroids largely depends on how the user is using any particular element.

Amazing physical growth is only possible with the use of steroids

There is one more thing that can be done to help people finding out the right steroids. Thousands of steroids stores are present there on the internet. Everyone in the business is yelling the advantages of using their steroids. But there are many fraud suppliers as well. What I feel is that the government should be trying to plan a specific guideline for the sellers and for the users as well so that users don’t get confused between the real and the fake steroid suppliers. And if they get to buy the real quality elements, they are more likely to get the positive results. The scenario of the professional sports field should not have any impact on the personal achievement of millions of users.

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