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Mastabol 100 - Drommastanolone Di-Propionate - British Dragon

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10ml of 100g/ml per vial

Mastabol 100 British Dragon is a effective injectable steroid with the active substance drostanolone dipropionate. Athletes and bodybuilders used this steroid in drying rates and to increase strength without adding bulk.


Mastabol 100 (Drommastanolone Di-Propionate) is used by users interested in adding muscle hardness and density to their physiques, nearly always for the purpose of bodybuilding competitions.

The Masteron steroid is appreciated greatly by bodybulders and is so popular because of its chemical substance and exceptional qualities.

The steroid drostanolone dipropionate is a modification of DHT with moderate and severe anabolic androgenic properties. It exhibit anti-estrogenic activity but practically does not bind to androgen receptors in the human body and does not object aromatization.

There are necessary frequent systematic injections of Drostanolone Propionate because this steroid is easily disintegrated in the organism. This is the main reason Masteron became an attractive steroid for those being tested to see if they had been using drugs with the urine negative indexes. The trainees were injecting the steroid as close to two weeks before the competition because propionate is kept the the organisms in small quantities for a short period.

DOSAGE - The most frequent dosage for athletes is 100mg 3 times a week and is advised to be used during the last 4 weeks of a cycle. The dosages for women is 100mg ever 4-5 days.

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