Test 400 – An Ideal Solution of Increasing the Muscle Growth

Testosterone is the most functional hormone naturally produced in male body. It has a number of good effects on human physique. It maintains the balance of mental state, it keeps the blood pressure normal, it helps in physical growth, it is effective to increase the sexual stimulation and many more physical activities are regulated with the help of this hormone. So it is clearly understandable that, the less production of this hormone in male body can cause a number of troubles. This is the moment where the necessity of steroids is felt because they are actually synthetic hormone, nothing else! When different types of hormones are produced artificially at chemical labs, they are known as steroids and testosterone is one of the main ingredients of various steroids.

Increase muscle growth with Test 400

One of the important uses of steroids is for the purpose of body building. Uses of it are massively witnessed among bodybuilders and athletes. Test 400 is the optimum steroid for this purpose. It is a combination of three useful testosterone steroids –

  1. Testosterone propionate
  2. Testosterone cypionate and
  3. Enanthate

Let’s get some information about each three of them.

The first one (Testosterone propionate) is a testosterone ester which speeds up the process of hormone consumption into the body and also works faster than other esters though it is mild. Usually male users mix up this ester with other anabolic steroids for more active results. The measurement of this steroid in per milliliter of t400 is 25 milligrams.

The second one (Testosterone cypionate) is also another ester, have the similar effects for bodybuilding though the chemical structure is different. People, who can’t bear with frequent propionate injections, can opt for the cypionate instead. 187 milligrams of it exists in per milliliter of T400.

Enanthate is the third component of the blend and it is released slightly faster than cypionate and this is why it remains little shorter in the body. It is medically proved that this steroid enhances the production of red blood cells in the body. It exists 188 milligrams per milliliter of T400.

Due to increasing popularity of this steroid, most of the renowned online medicine stores have come up with a large stock of this drug which in turn enables the customers to purchase the medicine at a cheaper price. People, who have previously purchased steroids from online stores, admit the fact that it is the best purchasing solution in today’s busy world since it saves a lot of time and eradicate other shopping related hassles.