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Advanced Bulking Cycle

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I would class myself as an experienced steroid user and often take a cycle of 1200mg or more a week.

I stumbled across this site and although I was very reluctant to send nearly 550 quid straight away so made two smaller test purchased or Arimidex and then a 50 jab pack. Both were sent signed for mail as they claim and both were here within a couple of days (taking out weekends).

Cut a long story short, I made the leap and sent the money for the advanced bulk cycle and it arrived on the fourth day - to my relief!!

The cycle was a total success (almost 11kg added to my starting weight) and I asked a couple of quick questions during the cycle and they always answered quickly which was an added bonus.

2 weeks more of my PCT and then my little 10 day break and I am going again on the bespoked cycle Adrian has put together for me...I CANT WAIT!!!

If I was a school teacher you'd be getting an A* Mr King
Date Added: 01/18/2017 by Aseef Mohammed