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this is my first time to deal with steroid cycle so i want to leave detailed review.(sorry for my english).
GENERAL: was looking around for about 2 month to find a steroids online and i almost lost my hope to find something cos mostly sites is saw the review was getting money and no sending nothing or saying out of stock attent to arrive and bulshit like that i found this site with my last hope and i didnt find any scam i tried to buy less expensive cycle oral dianabol just in case its a scam i not loose a lot of money. i was tottaly no expect this.

COMMUNICATIOn: very quick answers on emails both only answering on office hours. i dont know if weekend cos i didnt want to bother them like they saying on site so idk. most important sing i had a problem on payment when i was in bank so i emailed them and i got my answer in 2 min. WOW
PAYMENTS: i live in USA so had to go to the bank to do internetional bank transfer. be avair they charge (bank) around 45$ for transfer taxes cos diferent country and bank. IMPORTANT they doesnt say on site towitch country send the money so ( i contacted them and got answer in 2 mins) its United Kingdom..
the money arrived in 4-5 days and i got updated on my accaunt that they preparing package.
DELIVERY : here i got a bit scary.. after 2 days they got money they update my accaunt with status sending and track number , i tried to truck it in Royal Mail and it was error almost for 24 hours. in details i saw a way later that they shiped the package to them but stil not updated and registered in the ROyal Mail. after a day i was be able to see the package..
DELIVERY 2 : here is surprise, from UK to US midwest its took 4 days to arrive, i was really unexpect that.i hade full controll of tracking item with places timing etc. its stayed 1 day more in UPS and next day i got it in my house. so total it took like 7 days.

very very happy to start my cycle. will do update in 30 days about the quality of product but the packaging etc is really nice and look hight quality.

PS sorry againe for english :)
Date Added: 09/17/2018 by Sergiy Lugovyy