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Well I have been using roids for 3 years and never experienced any thing like this! The vial comes in and will need the antibacterial water which should be slowly drizzled down the sides of the inside of the bottle whilst slowly turning the bottle slowly.. I actually pinned 1mg into the fat around the belly button AM one hour before my work out and 2 hours before my first feast, The feeling an hour later was nothing short of 10000 volts shooting through my body! My muscles were charged and full. As i did a one off injection of the full content i chose to do a full body work out and next time will we doing smaller site injections directly into the muscles that i wanted to train, Over all, Keep Nolvadex on hand as the body does start converting to Estrigen quite quickly but the fat will diminish and your muscles will look awesome,
Date Added: 01/15/2018 by Ollie J Mason