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First of all the customer service is great! Quick communication and replaced a faulty product no questions asked! So this is my first ever steroid cycle, so I'm going to write a review for other beginners like me. I chose turinabol because of the limited side effects, I take fish oils tablets, milk thistle and even drink actimel yougurts to help my colesteral! Been on these for 2 weeks now. First week notified barely anything other than high blood pressure (your veins with pop out of your arms!) I had to stop my work out due to my forearms feeling like they were going to burst! However second week in and wow! They have kicked in! Feeling a lot stronger each day! I'm considering lowering my dosage due to not wanting people to guess/ask question of me being on steds aha! However so far so good! Be patience and they will kick in and you'll notice each day. (Also my diet isn't very good other than taking very high amount of protein in each day). I'm very skinny and these are working well to put wieght on fast! Muscles also starting to feel very tense(hard) - starting to look toned after only 2 weeks! Will finish this cycle off and leave a final review after that!
Date Added: 07/21/2016 by Adam Williams