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Third time lucky I've found a source for my steroids! Ever since the guy I used to buy from in the gym disappeared I have been searching like mad for a genuine, reliable source for my roids.

Site one stole my money :(
Site two were slightly better as they sent me the order but unfortunately they sent me fake steroids
Site three (The home of steroids) have been a pleasure to deal with

The customer service is something I never expected when buying this sort of thing and the steroids have always given me the results I am after.

I did not want to wait until my third cycle was completed before writing a review (I did not want to curse my luck) and now that is complete I will tell you guys what my favourite cycle was.

12 weeks of the Rip Fast by Genotech 2 x 1.5ml jabs with 1ml a week of Mast P, Anavar 50mg a day for last 5 weeks
Date Added: 01/18/2017 by Branden Maggins