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Test 400 - VPT

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First of all if you are dragging your heals because your unsure of how legit this site is stop wasting time and place your order !!! If you require cycle product advice ask the guys a question they have helped me no end on my cycle. Any way I got this test 400 and stacked it with their bd turinabol ran test 400 for 8 weeks and turnibol for first 6 diet was spot on didn’t want to dirty bulk as couldn’t be bothered with 8 week cut. I’ve gained a quality 13lb in 8 weeks Due to the long esters in the test 400 decided to run test prop for 3 weeks to pct as a bridge that seems to have given me an extra bump I’ve a week left and look to have put a quality 16+ lbs with little fat and I’m guessing some water hoping during pct I’ll keep 75 percent of it as I’ll bump calories up. I’ve also run HCG from these guys throughout my cycle to keep my nuts awake so pct should be less detrimental to gains. I ran an ai from these guys throughout my cycle to keep Gyno in check and keep water weight down all in all I’m well chuffed!!! Can’t wait for next cycle think I’m going to do test prop for 10 weeks even with the eod pinning it seems well worth it. Cheers guys for everything money well spent.
Date Added: 03/29/2018 by Dominic Sperry