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Dianabol x 100 - Methanabol - British Dragon

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100 x 10mg tablets per bottle.
Expand your potential with Dianabol.
Known internationally as THE anabolic to promote express gains in SIZE & POWER, Dianabol will provide you with a swift increase in your STRENGTH, MASS & PRESENCE and you will get maximum benefit from each workout.
Protein synthesis is greatly influenced by the extremely high anabolic - androgenic ratio, paired alongside a super fast activation mechanism.
If those long hard training sessions are not showing the desired results, try a cycle of Dianabol and you will be impressed with the outcome.
Swift muscle gain due to short half life
Muscle size is increased greatly by the extra nitrogen retention
DOSAGE - We remommend you take 4-10 10mg tablets a day during a cycle that can range from between 4-8 weeks. We also recommend you take milk thistle on a daily basis DURING this cycle and PCT for at least a month AFTER.

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