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60 x 50mg tablets per bottle.


Winstrol is another steroid that can be used by male of female enthusiasts and is highly absorb-able anabolic that is not just supremely potent, its also FAST ACTING! This oral anabolic is a mainstay for competitors and recreational enthusiasts alike and is often supplemented close to the finish of an anabolic cutting course. This adds to the sharpness of muscles and also improves hardness providing that perfection we all strive for.

There are many ways you can maximise the benefits of Winstrol, including the introduction during a bodybuilding course or for all those who want a rapid reduction of body fat, dramatic increase in vascularity and that all round amazing definition.

Promote Anti-catabolism to preserve your lean body mass

DOSAGE - We recommend you take 1-2 50mg tablets a day and your cycle should not exceed past 6 weeks. We also advise you to take milk thistle on a daily basis DURING and PCT for at least a month AFTER your cycle. This can also be used in the final third of a Test cycle.

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