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Privacy Notice

Here at The Home Of Steroids, we handle ALL customers details with the best possible care and below are a list of things that we would never do.

We will NEVER

Keep any card details on our database for any longer than necessary (all details are permanently deleted as soon as any orders are processed)

Pass any of your contact details on to a third party

Use your information for any purposes other than our own stats and figures

Pepper you with endless emails - you know where we are if you need us

Ask for important card details to be sent by email - if we need these details we will contact you by telephone or ask you to place the order again.

We also have the top of the line security software available and our website is scanned for viruses 6 times a day! This excellent security software allows us to take great pride in offering a safe online service that allows customers to browse and purchase with ease!

We look forward to hearing from you soonc